Submit Your Brag

The goal of the Clumber News Blog is to provide a way for Clumber owners to brag about their accomplishments with their dogs. In addition to the conformation show ring, many Clumbers work toward their titles in obedience, agility, tracking and hunting. We want to provide this space for you to let all of us know about the accomplishments of your special Clumber.

We also want to use this space to let folks know when your Clumber girl has had a litter of puppies. We will NOT permit these announcements to be an advertisement of puppies for sale. Please do not submit your brag until your puppies are on the ground (or in the whelping box!).

Use the links below to complete the brag submission forms.

Use this form to submit your Conformation Show Brag. (opens a new page)

Use this form to submit your New Litter Brag

NOTE – You must be a member of the Clumber Spaniel Club of America to have your litter announcement placed on the Clumber News Blog.

The form for performance event brags will be added shortly.


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